Next Question: "Is there a punishment for stupidity? I guess I can be more specific. Are there any consequences for people who place their registration stickers incorrectly? Does this drive anyone else crazy?"

That question comes from Chelsea, who's going crazy because of some drivers.

You know who you are. You're the drivers who slap your registration stickers all haphazardly on your license plates. It especially irritates Chelsea because you get the instructions right along with the stickers.

Month goes on the bottom left. Year goes on the bottom right.

Wrongly placed stickers bother Chelsea so much that she takes a picture whenever she sees it.

"I'm kind of an OCD perfectionist. I really pay attention to detail," she told us. "I'm just like, 'Why? How can you do that?"

Chelsea didn't know what to do with her pictures, so she sent them to Next. So we decided to look into it.

The answer is yes. You can get pulled over just for having stickers in the middle of your plate, or if they're backwards, or if they're on top of each other.

It'll earn you a $15 citation.

Colorado State Patrol told us it doesn't happen often. Troopers usually only acknowledge the mistake if a driver's been pulled over for something else, and then it's often a verbal warning.

We're not sure about a punishment for stupidity, but at least we know this.