Next Question comes from a Next viewer named Joyce. She emailed us and said...

"I'm in no hurry to see the snow start falling, but I'm worried about my trees. Last time it stayed this warm, Denver plunged 70 degrees in one day, killing off several small trees in my neighborhood. Should I still water my small trees in this drought, or is it too late in the season? Are they are already in hibernation, even though we haven't had a deep freeze or a cold snap?"

"Any time we have a dry winter, it's good to water your trees and shrubs," said Sarada Krishnan, with Denver Botanic Gardens. "You can go for another week the way the weather looks."

She added that if temperatures drop, that's out of everyone's control. The trees will suffer then. But in the meantime, Krishnan is correct. Your numbers look good for the next several days.

So there you have it, Joyce. You signed your email #SaveTheTrees. We hope this helps you do just that.

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