Tis the season for political publicity stunts. Our favorite, as in the most ridiculously cringe-worthy political stunt, might be the Trojan Horse that rolled into town with the people opposing Amendment 71.

Opposition to Amendment 71 grows

Truth Test: Amendment 71

Ballot show: Amendment 71

That amendment would make it harder to change Colorado's constitution. The opponents with their Trojan Horse, want to paint it as a sneaky power grab by big money interests from out of state.

Trojan Horse to oppose Amendment 71

Funny, though, when you find out who paid for that horse.

Next photojournalist Chris Cheline mucked out that stall. The video is spectacular. Take a listen above.

To sum it up quickly, Amendment 71 might be a Trojan Horse funded by outside interest groups, as illustrated by the Trojan Horse funded by outside interest groups.

This is why we love politics.