Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper downplayed the idea of becoming a member of Hillary Clinton's cabinet, should the Democratic presidential nominee win the race.

“I would say it’s pretty unlikely that I would take a cabinet position, to be pretty blunt," he said, while speaking on a panel discussion for POLITICO in Philadelphia.

It's been suggested that Hickenlooper, once considered a possible Clinton running mate, could be a member of Clinton's cabinet. A recent New York Times report suggests tje governor was a lot closer to becoming Clinton's V.P. pick than first thought. The reaction from the Bernie Sanders left might have been a concern.

He said the decision would depend on Clinton's vision.

Hickenlooper's comments may have been overshadowed by protestors who interrupted the energy policy forum.

"I hold you personally responsible for poisoning America," one man shouted from the crowd, as others walked up to the governor on stage.

POLITICO reports people shouted out several times, calling on the panelists to oppose fracking. The first happened when Hickenlooper said he opposes fracking bans.

Banner outside of POLITICO event
Banner outside of POLITICO event

A sign was also hung on the building across the street that read: "Frackenlooper ban fracking."

Hickenlooper's been dogged by fractivists at home in Colorado as well. It underscores his deep unpopularity with parts of the progressive left, especially environmentalists.

Hickenlooper is scheduled to address the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.