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These guys made hilarious t-shirts mocking the fact the G Line keeps getting delayed

Torso Rags in Arvada made t-shirts in honor of the so-called "Ghost Train" that was supposed to open in 2016 and hasn't.

The horn blares and the train goes by Torso Rags Screen Printing every day, but no one’s aboard.

The G Line was supposed to open in 2016. Now, 2018 is almost over, and the so-called “Train to the Grain” between Arvada and Union Station still hasn’t carried a single passenger.

Torso Rags was supposed make shirts for the opening, but they got impatient. So, they made shirts commemorating the so-called “Ghost Train" instead. 

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“We had general shirts promoting the Gold Line,” said Dennis Line, the co-owner. “We’ve got some designs that are kind of in the oven and ready for the train to open, but they haven’t, and we decided to kind of poke fun at this point.”

The “Ghost Train” shirt includes the line “the legend continues,” and the phrase “taking nobody nowhere real fast.”

Line said they’ve sold three or four dozen of the shirts so far, and are ready to go should they get more orders.

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They’ll keep printing the “Ghost Train” shirts until the G Line comes to life, as it were. They also have shirts for the grand opening, whenever that will happen.

“It’ll be forgotten, but right now people are kinda mad,” Line said.

G Line testing started to ramp up earlier this year. RTD has been working to resolve issues with crossing warning times on the A Line between Union Station and Denver International Airport – something that must meet federal standards before the G Line can open, since it uses the same technology.

When the G Line opens (there’s not a date yet), trains wll run every 15 minutes from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and every 30 minutes during non-peak hours.

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