Next Question: who in the world bolts down a mailbox in the middle of a sidewalk?

This one struck us as kind of strange.

We ran into one in Denver's Capitol Hill Neighborhood, at East 16th Avenue and Gilpin Street.

It's stuck right into the concrete, and takes up about half of the sidewalk.

The Postal Service says, "Nothing to see here," when we asked. This is how they do it all over town.

Specifically, David Rupert with USPS said:

"Mailboxes are on sidewalks all across the city. It’s the public right of way, and you’ll also find newspaper racks in locations like this as well."

Maybe I just have some kind of mental block, but I can't remember walking down a single lane sidewalk and having to duck around a mailbox or take it in the gut.

Am I alone on this?

Get our attention with the hashtag #HeyNext if your walk detours around a mailbox in the middle of a narrow sidewalk.

Thanks to the people at WalkDenver for pointing this out to us.