Fans who plan on seeing comedian Dave Chapelle in Denver this weekend can expect to laugh, but don't even think about pulling out your cell phone.

They are not allowed during the show.

REALTED: Why Dave Chappelle won't let you have your cellphone at his Colorado shows

While the idea of banning phones isn't new to Chapelle, it is an idea other venues have picked up on.

Sam Adams has been a longtime sportswriter and served as a 9NEWS commentator. You may also know him as a comedian who just wants to tell jokes and get laughs.

“When I see your head down looking at your phone that's disrespectful to me as an entertainer,” said Adams.

He's been on stage delivering set-ups and punchlines for about 2 decades and says the Comedy Works ban on using cell phones is about more than manners.

“If you're coming to a show tomorrow and somebody is taping my show tonight and they're posting on Facebook you're going to know what's going to hit you before the punchline comes,” said Adams.

Comedy Works decided to make the rule permanent after Dave Chapelle performed there last year.

But, the venue doesn't exactly take your phone away.

Employees put it in a pouch and lock it with a magnet, then give it back. But you can't access the phone while you're watching the show, and it has to be off or on vibrate.

Adams said, “you hear it or feel it buzzing so you can get up and can go out and they will unlock the pouch.”

Not all clubs have similar rules.

“If you go to some of the smaller clubs it's just what people do, let me check my phone while he tells this joke,” said Adams.

He calls Comedy Works home.

“There's no texting and driving so there is no texting and laughing,” Adams added.

The Comedy Works owner says once people realize how the rule works, crowds become more attentive and the process of locking up your phone is pretty quick.

This weekend, Chapelle will perform at the Bellco Theatre and at Red Rocks which are much larger venues that will also lock up phones in a pouch just for these shows.