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14-year-old collects fire hoses to make hammocks for tigers and bears

When fire hoses get old, fire departments don't have much to do with them, and so they had no problem handing them over to Payton Crawford.

BRIGHTON, Colo. — The garage in the Crawford home has fire hoses piled up to the height of 14-year-old Payton Crawford. 

He's about 4 feet 11 inches. 

"They are not light," Payton said, pointing to the hoses. 

But lugging them to his house, with help from his mom, was worth it for the animals. 

"Basically, that's how you make a hammock for a tiger," Payton said, pointing at the finished product. 

For Payton's Eagle Scout Project, he is weaving together fire hoses so that the large animals at the Weld County Wild Animal Sanctuary can relax.

There are cute photos of the result all over the internet. 

“Animals don’t have the luxury humans do and I would be more than happy to let them have a little more comfortableness in their habitat," Payton said. 

Firefighters from Brighton, South Adams and Hudson all donated old hoses to the cause. 

Brighton Fire Rescue added a new photo.

Of course, Payton's family thought the project would be a little simpler. 

“Anything on YouTube looks very doable," said his mom, Kendra. "They make it look very easy. And so once we started collecting the fire hoses we realized that it’s going to take more than scissors from the kitchen to cut these hoses."

Nevertheless, Payton's dad got the saw and supervised as they figured things out together. 

“Every once and a while something comes up like this and you gotta buckle down and get it done," said Payton.