For more than a month, the Denver Zoo has been keeping quiet something that is almost two adorable to handle.

Two male red panda cubs were born at the Zoo on Aug. 27, and while they don’t have names yet, keepers say they’re doing well and growing fast. A zoo spokesperson said it's standard procedure to wait a little while to tell the public about certain births, just so they can make sure both the parents and babies are ok.

The public won’t get to meet the pandas for another few weeks until they’re more developed and ready to join their dad, Hamlet, in the zoo’s red panda enclosure.

Right now, the two red panda cubs are hanging out behind the scenes with their mom Faith in a nest box. They currently weigh around one pound – but don’t worry, they’ll get bigger.

Denver Zoo veterinarians are keeping a close eye on the two cubs, who received supplemental feedings when they were first born. Now though, keepers say they’re thriving, and that the brothers are “pretty feisty” and love to wrestle.

Hamlet and Faith have been parents before. Their first litter, Lali Masu, were born at the Denver Zoo in June 2016, though they’ve since been moved to other states.

Red pandas are native to Asia and found in Nepal, India, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. Like giant pandas, they have specialized diet requirements and eat a lot of bamboo every day.

Congratulations Hamlet and Faith!