Denverites are used to seeing works of art throughout the city - some larger than others.

One piece in progress downtown is making a noticeable impression. Partly for it's size but also for the fact that you can literally walk all over it.

As Denver rolls through its days, an artist is laying down a reason to pause. Near her art, you'll find Shantell Martin with a can of spray paint.

"I create kind of faces, words and characters," she said.

Her signature work will cover more than 2,000 square feet along 14th Street from Stout to Champa, wrapping around Champa and the entire outdoor plaza at the Colorado Convention Center.

"Our mission is to activate the streets with art and culture," said David Ehrlich, the Executive Director of the Denver Theater District.

That was already happening as people stopped to ask questions, to take pictures and to observe.

"We are an in interesting time in our history and country were there is a lot of self examination going on. If this can happen in a quiet introspective, important way we think that's a good thing," Ehrlich said.

Martin was picked for the DTD project through an international search Ehrlich said thousands of people will see.

"I'm interested in cities that are new, innovative with culture and history," Martin said.

While Martin's work has been shared around the world, her roots in art are humble.

"My first piece of art is probably the same time you created your first piece of art," she said. "Sometimes people don't imagine careers or futures for you and you find them by accident."

Martin said her inspiration comes from many places, including soaking up the city. However to find out of Denver is being etched into it's streets, she says you'll have to come walk on it yourself.

The work is expected to be done by the end of the week. There will be a protective coating over it so it can last as long as three years.

The project is being funded through the Denver Theater District.