Turns out, you really can find love in unexpected places.

Dallas resident, Rosey Blair had Twitter dying with suspense this week as she documented a love connection she had a hand in creating on a plane ride from New York to Dallas.

Blair and her boyfriend Houston didn't get assigned seats next to each other like they had hoped so they figured they'd ask someone to switch with them.

When the stranger agreed they joked about how the plane ride may end up for the woman who switched her seat.

"What if the love of her life pops in or something like that?" Blair said.

Seconds later, that exact same thing happened and the world was watching with them as they documented the interactions between the two strangers.

Blair took advantage of the in-flight WiFi and started Instagramming and later tweeting...

The entire thread is filled with update after update about two strangers who were forced to sit next to one another on a plane.

The internet could not get enough the play-by-plays from Blair and her boyfriend, Houston.

Oh yeah, there's pictures and videos to document the entire thing:

Thanks to Blair we know the two shared a cheese protein board, exchanged photos of each other's family, both are into fitness and followed each other on social media.

The icing on the cake? After the flight, the two walked off the flight together and are both based in Dallas!

Lots of people took notice, including T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere who credited Blair for all the extra wifi she had to buy to continuously keep updating the internet throughout her flight.

And Monica Lewinski too:

Euan Holden, our mystery hunk is a retired pro soccer player, according to his Twitter account. The internet has dubbed him as #PlaneBae and continued the conversation under the hashtag #CatchFlightsANDFeelings. Our mystery gal also dubbed #PrettyPlaneGirl hasn't been identified yet, but we're hopeful!