CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — When Grace Combs arrived at the hospital Tuesday night, she wasn’t thinking about a snowstorm.

Her baby’s due date had arrived. Contractions had already started.

Combs and her husband checked into Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, where she planned to deliver her second baby, a little boy.

For the Colorado native, snow in March was an afterthought.

“I didn’t even know there was this “bomb cyclone” thing until, like, the day before,” Combs laughed.

Wednesday morning, they were still waiting for the baby’s arrival.

Then the rain started. Snow followed that. Then, a full-blown blizzard.

The bomb cyclone had arrived.

“They broke my water and, literally, it’s like a mass storm is happening outside, I’m in here delivering him. It was all peaceful in here and totally nuts out there,” Combs said.

Combs said they could hear the winds whipping outside, and tow trucks already hitting the streets. Her doula snapped a photo as the conditions turned into a white-out.

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Outside Castle Rock Adventist Hospital - blizzard
Grace Combs

About that time, Bode Archer Combs made his debut.

“He literally chose to be born right when the blizzard was really, really starting,” Combs said. “He could have come before the snow started but he kind of just waited it out, wanted to be born right in the madness of it all.”

Combs and her husband, Nick, had no trouble getting to the hospital.

But when he tried to return home Wednesday, to check on the dog and couple’s older daughter, he ran into trouble on the roads.

“We have an SUV so he thought he could get home,” Combs said.

“He had to dodge, like, 12 different cars that were abandoned in the middle of our subdivision, and then tried to turn around. He had to go to my mom’s house, got stuck there. He had to get dug out by them, they had to get dug out by a neighbor. It was just totally madness.”

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Combs family
Grace Combs

There is no negotiating with Mother Nature.

Blizzards blow through.

Babies are born.

And sometimes, it all happens at once.

“He did pick a unique and very dramatic way to come into the world,” Combs said.

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