As you may or may not have heard, the American Cheese Society is holding their annual conference in Denver this year. The group is based in the Mile High City, but since its inception in 1983, the group has had its conference in a different city.

But never Denver.

That changed this year. The conference kicked off with a block party on Wednesday and went through until Saturday night.

On Thursday, over 100 cheesemakers showed off their best stuff. And Friday? Four teams battled it out for best cheese sculpture. And Saturday?

The pièce de résistance, if you will: over 2,000 cheeses were judged by the ACS's panel of judges and the very best American cheese was chosen (because the group is cheesemakers of the Americas - it's in their name!).

This fella here is the winner, the best in show:

2017 Best of Show: Tarentaise Reserve, Farms For City Kids Foundation/Spring Brook Farm, Vermont (Photo: Marisa Chioini for MISA ME Photography)

Tarentaise Reserve from Farms For City Kids Foundation/Spring Brook Farm in Vermont.

This cheese won in 2015 as well, so it's kind of like the Tom Brady of cheeses (if that translates?).

It's aged 15 months and fashioned after the popular French alpine cheese Beaufort. The reserve is aged an extra eight months than 'normal' Tarentaise - putting the age of the cheese at 18 months.

Whatever you think about differently flavored cheeses, you'd be hard pressed to say this cheese wasn't gorgeous.

More winners will be announced shortly - but the Best in Show Cheese is the 'big cheese' so to speak.

Also, if you missed the cheese carving event from Friday, have a look-see: