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Breckenridge begins work on new parking garage

Work has started on a new parking garage that will add hundreds of parking spots to the mountain town of Breckenridge.

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — Finding a place to park in Breckenridge can be a tough thing to but work is underway to help by building a parking garage.

Haley Littleton, Breckenridge communications and marketing coordinator, said construction has started on the current south gondola parking lot to build a new $40 million parking garage, adding hundreds of new places to park. 

“The parking structure will have about 950 parking spots,” said Littleton. “So that’s giving us around 400 to 450 new parking spots.”

Credit: 9News

The garage will be in the core of Breckenridge, located across the street from the Breckenridge Station bus stop and gondola.

It’s being built with heated sidewalks, a plaza and will have 20 electric car charging stations once complete. 

“It’s really important for us that when people are done on the slope or with their activity on the mountain that they want to come into town,” said Littleton. “So we will have some nice bistro lighting [and] heated sidewalks to draw people into the core of town to hang out.”

Credit: 9News

The town of Breckenridge and Vail Resorts have partnered on the project.

An estimated $10.5 million will remain in the Summit County community in paying local contractors, workers and suppliers involved in the project. 

It’s expected to take around 18 months to build the parking garage, so if people are looking for parking during construction, lots on Airport Road are recommended.

Credit: 9News

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