Living in Colorado, you can plan for a spring wedding but find yourself in a winter wonderland.

On Saturday, Kellie Coughlin and Erik Henricksen found themselves in that downtown Denver snow globe.

But as a former wedding photographer, the bride knew to trust the person behind the lens.

"Brides just need to embrace whatever happens on their wedding day," says Daylene Wilson, who took the snowy photos. "Just roll with the punches and have a great attitude."

Wilson encourages couples to work with the forecast. A little weather can really make for a memorable photograph - even if it's not the one they may have imagined in their minds.

"It's something no one else has," says Wilson. "They end up loving them."

For brides nervous about ruining their hair and makeup, Wilson packs a clear umbrella or leaves the photos until after the ceremony (right before the reception starts.)

"By then it's time to party," she says.

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