While some dread going to work on Mondays, there’s a population in Colorado that is grateful for the opportunity. For adults on the autism spectrum finding a job can be difficult, which is why there are several programs around the state to help.

Garden Inc. offers autism services for any age and teams up with a company called Dirt Coffee. The non-profit coffee truck in Denver hires young adults with autism and works with about 50 people a week. The main goal of the coffee truck is to train employees and help them develop skills for future employment. On top of steering adults on the autism spectrum towards a successful career, Dirt is also planning to open a coffee shop next year./p>

Stepping Stone Support Center another training center in Littleton. It offers job skill training activities to prepare those with autism for long-term employment. Every week participants of the program run a coffee shop, bake pastries, create spa products and run a food bank.

For more resources on autism and employment visit the Autism Society of Colorado’s website.