Inspiration can be hard to find - and when you’re the creative type, it can be pretty frustrating when you can’t find it. But a Denver group called Creative Mornings hopes to make discovering that spark a little easier.

“I think creative people live on inspiration, and so things like this, seeing what other people are doing, helps give you the drive to keep going with your own creative career,” said RJ Owen, the host of Creative Mornings Denver.

Creative Mornings is a monthly event, where members of the creative community can get together and share ideas. And every month there is a speaker.

“We’ve had visual artists, we’ve had composers, our first speaker was actually a chef,” Owen said.

Creative Mornings is not only a Denver event -137 chapters exist worldwide.

“When I started, one of the things I was most excited about is that I could drop into Moscow, and I would have friends there,” Owen said.

Attendees say that a monthly trip to Creative Mornings is what they need to give them an extra boost of creative energy.

“Every month there is a different speaker that comes from a different world of creativity, and it opens up my mind in many different ways,” said Brandi Shigley, who attended Friday’s event at the Art Gym in Denver. “It’s really about honing in and experiencing other people’s creativity.”

The venues change for Creative Mornings, but in the past sessions have been held at places like the Denver Art Museum, the University of Denver, and this month’s even at the Art Gym. To find out about the next Creative Mornings Denver location and date, go to their website: