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Eagle-Vail photographer captures mountain lion roaming in his backyard

Bob Shearon had barely rolled out of bed when a mountain lion roamed by his bedroom door.
Bob Shearon found a mountain lion roaming right outside his bedroom door. (Courtesy: Bob Shearon)

An Eagle-Vail photographer was surprised to roll out of bed Friday morning and see a mountain lion right outside his bedroom door.

Bob Shearon says he had seen the mountain lion three times over the last couple days, but it never got this close.

Just moments before he took the picture, his neighbor texted him asking if he had seen it. He said he hadn’t until he looked up.

“She goes ‘Any sightings?’ I said 'no sightings' and hit send,” said Shearon. “I sat up to take the text and was responding and went, 'holy crap. Here comes the cat.'”

Shearon, who enjoys wildlife photography, said he hadn’t even fully rolled out of bed yet.

“It was within four feet of my sliding glass door,” said Shearon. “I was still sitting on the edge of the bed.”

He had just a few moments to grab his cell phone and snap a picture. Shearon set up a trail camera in his backyard and he’s hoping to get some better pictures.

Shearon’s sighting comes just a few days after the Eagle County Sheriff posted video warning of mountain lion activity in the Edwards and Eagle-Vail areas.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it’s not unusual to see mountain lions especially if they’re looking for mule deer.

Officers say mountain lions are typically more active at dusk, dawn, or overnight.

They’re reminding people to watch their pets. They say lions typically stay away from people. If they get aggressive, CPW asks that you call them.

For more information about living near mountain lions and what to do if you come across one head here.