Levitt Pavilion opened in July with its concert series. It’s at Ruby Hill Park and features a stage for live music and organizers promise to keep local acts on the set list. Most concerts are free and others will be events that charge at the gate.

It’s no surprise Harry Rose is at Levitt Pavilion’s first concert. “I’ve seen a lot of live music,” he said.

He traveled from Fort Collins to be at opening night, which is something people living in Denver also have had to do in the past.

Executive director Chris Zacher said It was a long process that took over 10 years.

“The city was doing a master plan of the park and looking to change its reputation,” he said.

Ruby Hill is the third largest park in the city’s urban core - but why a location for live music?

“Parks are changing and the way that we utilize parks are changing. Why not a music venue just like red rocks,” Zacher said.

He said the park can hold up to 20,000 people but the city has to cap off a section of 7,500 for paid events with a fence.

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“It’s a game changer especially for local artists,” Zacher said.

Each show will incorporate homegrown bands, many not costing anything, which is something Rose is all for.

“Not the folks that some large corporation made famous but the folks that work to sell cd’s in the back of their car and make a living out of it,” Rose said.

The Pavilion will allow small coolers with enough food for the person consuming. As for those adult beverages, you can’t bring them inside, but there is an area to purchase some. With live local tunes and views of the city, it's something organizers expect to be a huge hit.

“I think people are excited to have a music venue in Denver proper,” Zacher said.

Ruby Hill is still a park, so after each event the fences will come down so people can still enjoy the normal park activities.

Levitt Pavilion will have about 50 free shows each year and 20-30 paid shows, but since it opened later than a normal season they will have 30 free events and 5 that you’ll have to pay for running through October.

Organizers said the pavilion cost a little over $7 million and those funds came from bonds, grants, and donations.

Here's a look at the venue's schedule for the rest of the season:

Sept 8: Pandas & People w/ Chimney Choir

Sept 9: Jonathan Tyler with School of Rock

Sept 10: Humming House with Treehouse Sanctum

Sept 16: Mexican Independence Day Celebration with Ceci Bastida and Roka Hueka

Sept 17: Katastro with Mouse Powell, Barefoot and Forgotten Roots

Sept 21: Shel with Megan Burtt

Sept 22: Josh Abbott Band*

Sept 23: Dragondeer and Strange Americans

Oct 7: Cody Johnson & Randy Rogers Band with special guest Parker McCollum*

*ticketed events