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Friends with Colorado ties write book about COVID-19 for kids and parents

Mike Farrell is from Colorado Springs and his friend Jacob Horn moved to Pagosa Springs a few months ago. The two wrote the book together, while apart.

DENVER — It all started off as two friends just trying to make each other smile.

“We were writing a book for us to laugh about,” Jacob Horn told 9NEWS. “Then as we were doing it, we could see that the story was kind of following the children… we actually said it to each other, ‘I think we’re writing a book for like six-year-old us!’”

Horn, who is originally from California but is hunkering down in Pagosa Springs right now, co-wrote “Lily and Timmy’s Super Awesome Incredible COVID-19 B-Day” with his friend Mike Farrell, who is from Colorado Springs but currently lives in San Diego.

They’ve been friends for about six years, have had loads of experience in Hollywood’s entertainment industry, but neither has ever done anything like this before.

“It ended up being like holy cow did we just write this heartfelt children’s book?” Farrell said. “I mean, there’s some comedic relief, but did we just write a heartfelt touching children’s book?”

The book is about two kids, Lily and Timmy, who were supposed to go to Disneyland for their sixth birthdays but couldn’t because of the pandemic. 

Through comedy, the book explains what’s going on, while also providing some entertainment for the parents who are reading it to their kids.

Think Pixar. “They are children movies,” Horn said. “But, there’s so much adult humor.”

The friends ended up writing a book that they believe celebrates “pandemic parents."

“It’s really about a resilient mom who will go to any length to make sure that coronavirus does not ruin [the fun for] her children,” Farrell said.

Lily and Timmy seem to be doing just fine. Their book made it to number one on a few different categories on Amazon, including Toddler Bedtime Sleep Books.

You can find the ebook here.

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