ST. PAUL, Minn. — Friday's Justin Timberlake concert at the Xcel Energy Center turned into an unforgettable night for a Sioux Falls, South Dakota couple.

Kiley Luke and Dustin Eberle were leaving the concert in St. Paul when Luke's water broke.

The couple had planned on going to the concert before they knew they were having a baby. Luke bought the tickets for Eberle as a birthday/Father's Day gift.

"I've been a fan of Justin Timberlake since the *NSYNC days," Eberle said. "I was excited, pretty excited to say the least."

Luke's due date was still four weeks away when the couple drove to St. Paul from Sioux Falls for the concert. She brought the car seat along, not thinking they would actually need it.

JT baby 2
Kiley Luke and Dustin Eberle at the Justin Timberlake concert at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. (Photo courtesy: Kiley Luke)

For Friday night's show, the couple snagged spots in the front row of the main stage.

"He (Timberlake) kind of came over mid-song and noticed her belly, kind of pointed at it and smiled," Eberle said. The couple says Timberlake then looked at Eberle and pounded his fist on his heart.

"We went up one more flight of stairs and my water broke at the top of the stairs," Luke said.

They were able to make it to Regions Hospital in St. Paul and Jet Randall was born the next day, Sept. 29.

JT baby 3
Jet Randall, born Sept. 29, at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. (Photo: Devin Krinke)

"We didn't have a middle name picked out and Randall is Justin Timberlake's middle name so it just works perfectly," Eberle said.

Jet's story spread through the halls of Regions Hospital and was then shared on their social media saying, "Although he's not in a suit and tie yet, baby boy Jet Randall made his big arrival at Regions Hospital this afternoon."

Last night, Kiley and Dustin were dancing and singing along to Justin Timberlake 💃. He even pointed to them in the crowd...

Posted by Regions Hospital on Saturday, September 29, 2018

Family members are taking care of their three kids at home. The couple plans on heading back to Sioux Falls by Monday night.

"It's almost like he heard Justin Timberlake's voice and just had to get out and meet the guy," Eberle said.