When Stefanie Spain-Madrigal had her eldest daughter seven years ago, she struggled to find a place to pump at work.

Year after year, she noticed other working moms have the same issue at the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office.

They all had to look for an empty office to pump milk and that just wasn’t fair for anybody, she said.

Spain-Madrigal embarked on an eight-year journey to get the department a nursing room. She was able to open it right before Mother’s Day.

“Right now, we actually have eight employees within the detention bureau that needed the use of this space,” she said. “The urgency of this project really became apparent.”

Federal law states an employer must provide a space for pumping but a designated one is not required.

“I wasn’t positive that I would be able to get it so I was pretty proud to be able to make that work,” she said.

The room is equipped with a multi-user pump, resources for moms, a refrigerator and a personal letter from Spain-Madrigal to other moms who use the space.