Two people who spend nearly all of their spare time helping abandoned cats find loving homes, have found something else in one another- that will forever change their lives.

Chris Hansen has been a volunteer at the Denver Dumb Friends League for 25 years.

She has always had a heart for helping kittens and cats find forever homes.

Never before married, Hansen said she never thought she would meet a partner, in fact, she said she stopped looking.

“At my age, I told my friends I didn’t want to use any of those dating sites, so if I were to meet anybody, it would have to happen at the Dumb Friends League,” Hansen said.

Her only stipulation: He must love cats.

As fate would have it, she did meet someone, Jim Slater—and as luck would have it, he adores cats.

Four years ago, Slater became a volunteer at the Denver Dumb Friends League. He too, has a soft spot for kittens.

Hansen and Slater quickly became friends. A short while later, he asked her on their first date.

“If he didn’t ask me, I was going to ask him,” Hansen said, “It was ‘like’ at first sight. We were on the same page.”

Slater said he won over his fiance’s heart simply by caring for the kittens she was tending to at DDFL.

“One thing that I think hooked her on me is -- when she saw me pick up a kitten and kiss it-- and she had never seen a man kiss a kitten," Slater said.

Hansen admits she never thought she would find a man who loves cats as much as she does. She just didn’t think he existed.

“It was inevitable that we were supposed to meet here, and we attribute it to the cat gods-- because we had been wandering around all alone for so long-- and you both love cats-- it's about time you met."

The couple is planning a summer wedding at their home in Denver. While they love their cats, they said they will not be a part of the ceremony.