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This squirrel sitting in a tiny chair and munching on corn is what you need on this Monday

Apparently tiny chair squirrel feeders are a thing, and to say they're adorable is an understatement.


Sometimes, in lieu of typical news, you need a little bit of a mood boost. Today’s edition comes from viewer Dee Stangarone.

“I purchased this chair with corn holder thinking no way it will work,” she wrote. “I was wrong! The squirrels love it!” 

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The video below is proof: yes the squirrels love it, and yes, it’s as adorable as you think it is.  

This incredible piece of squirrel content prompted a deep dive into the phenomenon of squirrel chairs. Yes, they are a thing, and you can even buy an Adirondack version at Walmart.

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There are also squirrel chairs available on sites like Etsy and Amazon.

Credit: Courtesy Google

Here’s a GIF of Stangarone’s squirrel chair, because it’s Monday, and if this doesn’t warm your cold, dead heart, what else will, ya know?

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