At the Crawford Community School in Aurora, School Coordinator Kate Garvin says students speak 27 different languages.

"We have a large refugee population from all over the world," Garvin said. "Sometimes, they're coming from a refugee camp where the parents have never been to school. The kids have never been to school."

So, she's working with a non-profit called Write Our World to preserve the kids' own histories. Third grade students created books, videos, and audio recordings of their family's lives before coming to America.

"We are striving to build a digital library or bilingual e-books that are written from children of different cultures," Julie Carey, Write Our World founder, said. "It's a great place for students to learn about each other. It's also a great resource for teachers to use to educate kids about who else lives in the world."

Students like Mongila Rai interviewed their parents or other relatives to put together the book and presentations to share with their classmates.

"My parents came from Nepal," Mongila said. "We make our house with like sticks and we put mud to make it nice."

Garvin says this is a good way for all the students to come together as one.

"Crawford's mission to bring in all these different cultures together and make a learning community and a welcoming community where everyone's welcome and ready to learn," Garvin said.