LEADVILLE - The world is full of strange combinations that work great together: peanut butter and jelly, comic books and movies, pizza and beer and in Leadville, thousands of people are spending the weekend watching another great combo.

It’s the Ski Joring and Crystal Carnival, where skiers are pulled behind fast running race horses at 40 miles an hour.

If hanging on isn’t hard enough, skiers have to fly off jumps and try to spear rings along the course.

For skiers like Jason Dahl it’s a rush that he’s been chasing for decades.

“It’s a mesh of two very different cultures,” Dahl said. “I have never ridden but I can speak from a skiers perspective, there’s not a rush like it."

It wasn’t just adults running the course in Leadville—kids also had the chance to get their start skiing the course while pulled behind snowmobiles