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Teacher reunites with firefighters who helped deliver her baby on sidewalk outside school

Baby Zara was born on the sidewalk in front of the middle school where her mom teaches.

DENVER, Colorado — Two months ago, sixth-grade reading teacher Lindsay Agbalokwu went to work as usual. 

She was moving through her day at DSST: Conservatory Green in Stapelton when she suddenly went into labor.

“We get outside, we’re making our way to her car, ok, actually, that’s going to take too long,” said Agbalokwu, who recounted how she then laid down on the sidewalk and waited for first responders as a friend called 911.

Denver Fire Department Engine Company #39 got to the school in a hurry.

“We were hoping to, potentially, pass care onto paramedics and have the baby delivered in the ambulance or in the hospital," said firefighter Zachary Bousman. "Either one would have been preferable.”

Bousman and his crew came back to the school Monday to meet with Agbalokwu and baby Zara. They delivered a gift basket and talked with her about the big day.

“Once I heard their voices and took those deep breaths, it was just like, my body is going to do this, we’re good," said Agbalokwu. "It was fast. It was really exciting to get to meet them, show them she’s two months, growing, healthy, and that they played such an integral part of bringing her into the world.”

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