Gary Shapiro sat down with 9News technology expert Scott Yates to talk about a new company helping students, and schools, get more kids interested in STEM careers.

The company is Couragion. Founded here in Colorado, this company makes it easier for schools to connect students to mentors and role models. The coordination of that can be a challenge, especially for small schools, so Couragion solves that problem.

The company also has games, activities, videos and more for students.

Couragion was selected to compete for recognition at the annual Apex Awards, hosted next week by the Colorado Technology Association. This award ceremony recognizes new and emerging startups, as well as established industry players, and also gives a "Lifetime Achievement Award." We'll have news from that event on future installments of Tech Tuesday.

Event for job seekers

Couragion helps young people get technical jobs. For those that want a technical job more immediately, there's an event coming up next week about the fast-growing field of Data Science. Local experts will talk about what's needed to break into the field, and how to succeed once you are in the job.

Personal note

This is the last time Scott is appearing on 9News as a CEO. He announced on the air that his company, BlogMutt, has hired a new CEO. He will continue as an owner of the company, but Steve Pockross will take over the CEO duties, starting Tuesday.

Each Tech Tuesday Scott Yates showcases new and emerging companies that are doing great things in Colorado, along with tech events. This post was written by one of the freelance writers working with the blog writing service BlogMutt. Do you want to see your business featured in a future #TechTuesday segment? Build an interesting business and then go to a startup event, and Scott will probably see you there.