A worker for United Airlines is being praised for helping ease the fears of a woman traveling with her dog.

Ashley Cervantes shared her story on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

In her post, Cervantes says she was extremely nervous to travel with her dog Maya from Dallas to Hawaii where she was moving for her husband's military assignment.

She put a note on Maya's crate and included her phone number. She hoped someone would text her an update during her three hour layover in Denver.

To her surprise, she received a text from a worker complete with a picture of Maya. The worker, now identified as Tom Brady who told Ashley he had boxer named Chloe.He also let her know her know that Maya got fresh water and was able to stretch her legs.

"I can't even describe the amount of stress that has just been lifted from me, all because of his kindness," Cervantes wrote. "Thank you sir for treating my family as your family!"

Maya, after safely arriving at her destination in Hawaii.
Maya, after safely arriving at her destination in Hawaii.

Thanks to your emails, we were able to identify the United worker.

Brady says he wasn't expecting any recognition and that he loves animals and treats all the animals he comes across at work as if they were his own.

Ashley shared some adorable video with us of Maya enjoying her new home.

"Thanks to Thomas she made it safe and is currently living it up in Hawaii," she wrote via email.