Halloween is coming up fast! So you can know what foods are best (and worst) for your waistline this festive season, we asked our fitness expert Jamie Atlas to come in for a repeat of his well-known 'Smash Test' segment, this time focusing on Halloween and fall foods.

Which will get the smash and which will be the green light? Here's how the three foods break down:

Caramel apple:

These delicious treats are a favorite this time of year, with the healthiness of the apple being surrounded by caramel to form a taste explosion!

How to healthy it up: Instead of a whole apple, try apple slices and dip the apple in some delicious caramel - be sure to eat just a few slices and no double dipping!

Reeses peanut butter cups:

What would Halloween be without these little delicacies finding their way into your Halloween candy stash? Small in size but high in numbers consumed, these serve a treat that can threaten even the sturdiest of willpower.

How to healthy it up: Make your own with a spoonful of higher quality peanut butter and a few chocolate chips. Keep yourself down to just one spoonful and you'll get all the taste and a controllable amount of calories.

Halloween cookies:

Cookie exchanges are all the rage, however most of the time you're baking a large amount of cookies that you wouldn't normally make and end up eating a larger number than you'd normally eat.

Delicious as they are, the Halloween cookies are a sure-fire way to put you over your calorie count.

How to healthy it up: Don't hang onto the cookies! If you must, take the cookies you receive, bag them up and redistribute them to your neighbors, who will be super grateful - but not as grateful as your waistline!

Happy Halloween everybody!

Jamie Atlas was voted 5280 best personal trainer in 5280 four years in a row and has been personal training since 1991. For questions on this article or for personal training email jamie@jamieatlas.com