ID=12806907KUSA - A rehabilitation center in Longmont is hoping the cute factor of the recent influx of orphaned raccoon will help raise funds for a better enclosure they desperately need.

The raccoons are helping in the effort by having pool parties and gazing curiously into the camera for photos.

The little raccoons are part of a program at the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Longmont that takes abandoned and orphaned babies.

The center rehabilitates them and puts them back in the wild. Greenwood Wildlife says the 74 raccoon all came in after contact with humans - either losing their mothers to pest control or by being hit by a car.

The center cares for them until they are about 6 months old. Then they put them in an area where they can safely become wild raccoons again. During that time, caregivers try to have minimum contact with the animals to make sure they thrive once they are free.

Greenwood is trying to upgrade their raccoon enclosure, which has "rickety roofing," to accommodate the huge number. The also want to build better exercising and balancing areas for the animals.

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