A Colorado man set a world record at the annual Turkey Day 5K in Highlands Ranch.

Bob McAdam is 96. The fact he did that at his age is impressive, but what's more impressive is that he finished the 3.1 mile run in 48 minutes, 19 seconds.

It hasn't been verified by the pros at Guinness or anything, but that would be a world record.

The official world record for 95 and up is 50 minutes, 10 seconds.

McAdam's life before the 5K is just as impressive. He served in WWII as an US Army Air Corps navigator and spent time as a POW after his plane was shot out of the sky. After his service, McAdam coached basketball at the University of Illinois.

McAdam, who has stayed active his entire life, started running in order to train for racquetball, according to the 96 year old.

His children drove him to 5K tracks and he also trained at the gym at the Wind Crest Retirement Community, where he lives.

Bob's fitness coordinator suggested he try the annual holiday run.

"I said no. I'm afraid of falling because I'm legally blind," McAdam said, "She said I'll be your eyes and run with you."

McAdam says the run was exhausting but video of him crossing the finish line shows him walking briskly.

"I practically crawled across the finish line," McAdam joked, "I was tired at the end of the first mile!"

For McAdam, the Turkey Run wasn't about achieving a life long goal. Grace, his beloved wife of 69 years passed away recently. She was his purpose in life.

"I feel like people my age sometimes begin to give up a little bit instead of looking forward to each day and trying to do what they can," adding that survival and purpose go hand in hand.

While the world may be impressed with McAdam's record setting run, he is the only one who doesn't seem to be.

"It doesn't impress me too much because I know that I walked a lot of this and I can do better than I did yesterday," he said.

Bob told 9NEWS he wants to beat his time at the Turkey Run 5K by 3 minutes next year.