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Colorado Parks and Wildlife: Secure trash and bird feeders, stop feeding the wildlife

A bear cub hit on Highway 73 while crossing between neighborhoods was hunting for scraps and bird seed.

EVERGREEN, Colo. — Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is reminding residents to remove bird feeders, secure trash cans and to stop feeding wildlife. 

The reminder comes after wildlife officials on Twitter said a bear cub was hit on Highway 73 while it was crossing in between neighborhoods in Evergreen. An examination of the cub's stomach contents found it was full of birdseed, cut up cantaloupe and human food waste.  

The tweet said the bear cub died while crossing a busy road to get unsecured trash, bird feeders and scraps from people intentionally feeding it. 

>> Watch above video of CPW officials removing a bear from a tree in Littleton 

The tweet from CPW continued on how feeding bears, whether intentional or not, alters how bears use the landscape and concentrate them in areas that create risk to humans and the lives of bears. 

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