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WATCH: Bear tries to eat Bailey family's security camera

The bear first went after bee hives and a tree before noticing the camera.

BAILEY, Colo — A bear either thought a family's home security camera looked like a tasty snack or was tired of being watched while outside a home in Bailey early Friday morning.

Viewer Kim Conroy sent us the video of what looks like a young bear attacking and biting the camera around 4 a.m.

Conroy said she lives in the Deer Creek Valley subdivision of Bailey and has had bee hives for about five years.

The bear is seen on the video first trying to get through a fence that surrounds the hives. Conroy said that while they see bears in the area from time to time, this is the first time one has tried to get to the bees.

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She said the fence is electrified and thinks the bear got zapped, which made it mad. That's when you see it start going after a nearby tree.

At some point, the bear noticed the camera that was recording it's antics and decided to have a taste.

In the video, you can see the bear swipe at the camera a few times before putting the whole thing in its mouth. 

Conroy said she and her husband woke up and saw what was happening, then set off the camera's siren in hopes of scaring off the bear.

You can hear the siren sounding in the video while the bear continues to paw and sniff at, before eventually wandering away, leaving the camera on the ground.

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