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Englewood animal rescue struggles to stay afloat amid rising costs

MAMCO Rescue said the costs of food, fuel and other necessities have almost bankrupted them.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Many organizations are feeling the squeeze from inflation, including a dog rescue in Englewood. 

Higher costs for food, vet bills, and gas are making it difficult to take in more puppies and stay open. 

 At the height of the pandemic, when people were stuck at home and wanted some companionship, rescues and shelters were adopting out as many dogs as they could take in. 

Puppies at MAMCO Rescue in Englewood stayed in foster homes for only a few weeks before they were adopted.

But as COVID-19 cases fell, that changed. 

"A lot of the excuses now is people can't afford their dogs. We have seen a huge increase in vet bills," said MAMCO Rescue Executive Director Aron Jones.  

Jones noticed more families returning their dogs this year, partly because inflation is making it too expensive to care for them. 

Rising costs are putting a financial strain on MAMCO, as well. Jones said her vet bills alone at the rescue are up more than 80%, making it almost impossible to stay open.

"Between that, the cost of food, the cost of fuel, all the things that we provide it is just – it has almost bankrupted us," she said. "It has been hard to bring in more dogs. We have to be really selective 'cause there's so many."

Unlike in 2020, they haven't been able to take in as many dogs as they would like, which means fewer little ones in Englewood waiting to find a better home.

"That is the hardest part, is we don't have the money to feed them all or fosters to house them. It is sad," said Jones. 

Now, MAMCO Rescue is hoping donations will help them stay open. You can make a donation here

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