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Watch: Husky gets stuck in a tree, has to be rescued by ladder

The adventurous pup got herself up in the tree just fine. Getting down turned out to be the hard part.

FARMINGTON, Minnesota — It's an animal rescue you kind of just have to see to believe.

Kota the husky is always making her Farmington, Minnesota family laugh, from chasing rabbits to playing on the trampoline.

But the 10-month-old pup outdid herself recently, climbing a tree and getting stuck in the branches. 

Nicholas Shearer shared a video through KARE 11 app of the daring rescue. To rescue Kota Nick leaned a ladder against the tree trunk, climbing up into the limbs. He then gathered Kota in his arms and carried her back down to safety.

We're very glad to see that "Krazy Kota," as her family dubbed her, is safe and sound!

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Credit: Nicholas Shearer
Kota the husky got herself stuck in a tree, and her big brother Nick had to climb up and rescue her.
Credit: Nicholas Shearer
Kota the husky got stuck in a tree in Farmington, Minnesota, and had to be rescued by her big brother Nick.