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Meet the Denver Zoo's baby bongo, Calvin

Calvin was born on September 6.
Credit: Denver Zoo

DENVER — There's a baby bongo at the Denver Zoo!

The zoo introduced the newest member of the herd, Calvin, on their Facebook page Monday.

He was born on September 6 to parents Columbine and Howard, according to the zoo.

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Happy Monday folks! Meet Calvin, the newest member of our bongo herd. Calvin was born on September 6th to parents Columbine and Howard, and he's growing fast! Native to Kenya, eastern bongo are...

Bongo are a large species of antelope that live in African rainforests. 

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They are herbivours and feed on leaves, bushes, vines, bark, grasses, roots, cereals, shrubs, flowers, and fruits, according to the African Wildlife Foundation.

There are two subspecies of bongo: mountain/eastern bongo that are native to Kenya and lowland/western bongo that are native to western Africa and the Congo basin. 

Calvin is an eastern bongo.

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The animals are critically endangered, according to the zoo.

The Denver Zoo's bongo herd is in the Central Ranges habitat. 

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