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Bear breaks into vehicle in search of gummy bears

Cate Siegel said the only food in her 2014 Subaru was an unopened bag of gummy bears.

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. — A bear broke into a 2014 Subaru in Breckenridge after apparently spotting some other bears inside the vehicle

Cate Siegel said the only food she had in the vehicle was a small bag of gummy bears. Her car was unlocked and the bears in their unopened package were enough to entice the bear to come inside.

Credit: Matt Renoux

Siegel noticed all the damage Thursday morning as she was about to leave for work.

"My radio is all torn apart," she said.  "My dashboard, the side panels on the door are ripped apart. The back panel's ripped apart. There’s a bite out of the passenger seat. Yes, the list goes on," she said with a laugh.

Siegel is holding out hope that her insurance will cover the damage. In the meantime, she wants to remind others to lock their doors and keep food out of their cars.

Credit: Matt Renoux

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