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Being Fin's mom: Life after your newborn has a stroke.

How a mom's life changed after her newborn had a stroke


BLOG: Megan Farruggia

Being Fin’s mom has put me on a path I wasn’t necessarily expecting, but as it turns out is the most rewarding adventure I could ever imagine. 

From the moment he was born, I was forever changed for the better. 

In those early days there was uncertainty and fear that encapsulated my husband and I, but as if it were laying dormant what emerged was a new found strength and clarity. 

All the trivial parts of my life went away and my perspective on what really matters was clear. 

Motherhood is an adjustment no matter what your story is. For me, it proved to be a challenge I was always ready to take on. 

Having a baby that has special needs has a stigma attached that can make you feel like you're drowning in anxiety and stress. 

On top of that having a baby that has a condition that you never knew existed until you were faced with the diagnosis is absolutely frightening, but I was always supported by a  husband that kept me grounded and positive. 

As a family, we are surrounded by a community of family, friends, healthcare professionals, teachers and advocates who have always allowed Fin to continue to grow and amaze all who have seen his journey.  

I know I am the lucky one because I get to learn and grow personally from him more than he will ever know. 

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