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BLOG: Please help find my homemade blanket which went missing at Coors Field

Bill Reddick, who works in the promotions department here at 9NEWS, says someone ran off with his blanket at the Rockies game last Friday. And he just wants it back.

DENVER — It’s not all that unique a story. You set something down in a crowded place. It magically disappears. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. If it was any other “thing” I’d count it as a loss and move on, but it’s a blanket that is a very special to me.

Before I go on… I realize I’m an adult that is upset about losing a blanket.

My grandma handcrafted the blanket out of my old jeans and presented it to me at my high school graduation. She included all branding from the jeans and also embroidered “Class 2002” on it. It also features a horrible pubescent picture of me in the center.

In addition to some of its unique characteristics, my brother wrote: “Bill is a lazy A$$” on it. He wrote it in sharpie and it will not wash out. It oddly only adds to the blankets charm.

People keep asking why I would bring such a unique keepsake to a baseball game. I suppose I brought it because it’s warm, it’s heavy, it’s durable and the thought of losing it never crossed my mind.

I know the chances of getting the blanket back are slim to none, but I felt like I should at least try.

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