DENVER - One Denver couple is very calm - and extremely excited - to bring home four babies all at once. Hannah and her husband Ted Fair learned they were expecting quadruplets eight weeks into her pregnancy.

The new mom delivered four healthy babies on January 28 at Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center. Harry, Mary Catherine, Francis Kay and Helen Bennett are all healthy and are currently at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children.

Hannah spent the last six weeks of her pregnancy on bed rest at the hospital, allowing her time to bond with other high-risk pregnant women and hospital staff.

The couple's journey to happy parenthood started a little rough. They tried to get pregnant for five years - using fertility drugs for two - which included six Intrauterine Insemination Treatments and two rounds of In Vitro Fertilization. While actively pursuing adoption, the last IUI treatment took and the babies were born!

"There must've been four people per baby, three doctors for me, and I think there were three or four nurses for me - so as you could imagine this room was pretty full," Hannah joked about her delivery.

Dr. Richard Porreco, the Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at the hospital, was quite calm explaining the recent delivery. "She was my 24th set of quadruplets and I've had three sets of quintuplets," he said.

He first helped deliver a set of quadruplets 30 years ago, when fertility treatments were still a new thing. Porreco said there have been plenty of changes since them.

While a full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks, mothers expecting quadruplets only reach about 28-29 weeks before they give birth. Porreco gave Hannah a goal of 32 or 34 weeks: she'd get an A- if she reached 32 and an A+ is she got to 34.

"Fundamentally, it's a question of trying to extend the pregnancy for as long as we reasonably can that's safe for both the mom and babies," Porecco explained.

The couple is considering getting a live-in nanny and Au Pair to help care for the babies. They're in the process of moving from Denver to Centennial - and thankfully both sets of grandparents will be living nearby.