DENVER — For people who deal with color blindness, having the option to see the world in an enhanced way can help in a major way. 

Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) is providing just that. 

The museum will now be offering EnChroma glasses to colorblind visitors, which will allow them to see their art in a clearer and more vibrant way. 

So what exactly are EnChroma glasses? 

According to EnChroma's website, the lens technology used in their glasses helps increase the contrast between the red and green color signals that help relieve the symptoms of color blindness. 

The museum is part of the EnChroma Color Accessibility Program that focuses on developing the visual experience for the colorblind community around the world.

The program also offers the option of purchasing EnChroma glasses at special rates in locations like museums, parks, libraries and schools.

'Fire' by Suchitra Mattai
'Fire' by Suchitra Mattai at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver. Colorblind conversion courtesy of EnChroma, Inc.
Suchitra Mattai

Color blindness impacts 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women around the world, according to 

'Blue Ribbon Fruit' at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
'Blue Ribbon Fruit' by Kristen Hatgi Sink, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Colorblind conversion courtesy of EnChrom, Inc.
Kristen Hatgi Sink

In the U.S., around 7% of the male population and 0.4% of the female population can either not distinguish red from green, or see red and green differently than others, according to IRIS TECH

The MCA is located at 1485 Delgany St. in Denver. 

For more information on its exhibits and the EnChroma Color Accessibility Program, click/tap here to visit their website.

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