Training for an obstacle course? Let's get that body strong and ready for some fun races coming up in Colorado.

Here are some moves you can take anywhere outside and really get a great sweat in the mean time.

With a bench or a step:

Step-ups with a twist- Instead of your usual step up, add a little angle to your back leg when you come down to isolate those glutes in a whole new way. Strong glutes mean a strong and safe runner! Start with a shorter box and work high- the Red Rocks steps are pretty tall but there are many to the side of the amphitheater that would work!

Beast Blasters:

Using the same step- jump back into a pushup, stand up, squat, then jump! You can modify by taking out the jump. This is a full body cardio move- think burpee but a little more strength based!

Jump Overs:

The ultimate training for obstacle courses! Find a height that you can do, or modify by just jumping up to full extension with your arms! Remember to alternate legs, and wearing pants is always the best bet with these!