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Is alcohol causing you more harm than good?

Celebrating the New Year doesn't have to mean waking up with a hangover.

DENVER — The winter holidays usher in a season of celebration but that can bring on feelings of tension for some, particularly regarding the amount of alcohol consumed during this time of year.

Looking into 2020, one of the health trends forecasted is reduced alcohol intake and better non-alcoholic drink options. This is perfect for your designated driver or if you are looking for a healthier way to celebrate.

There are many reasons to go alcohol-free or reduced. For one, alcohol can be high in carbs, especially fancy fruity drinks. If you’re not opposed to alcohol, consuming lower alcohol seltzers or craft beers may be an option.

Another reason to avoid alcohol is that it disrupts your sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, chemicals produced in the body after drinking alcohol are increased initially, making you feel sleepy, but those chemicals wear off as quickly as they were produced causing you to wake up in the middle of the night and have trouble falling back asleep. 

In addition, alcohol can also exacerbate snoring and sleep apnea and it’s a diuretic which may cause extra trips to the bathroom at night preventing you from reaching that restorative deep sleep necessary to feel rested, leaving you tired and groggy the next day. 

Some people may want to avoid it because of how it makes them feel the morning after, particularly the headaches, poor concentration, inability to think clearly, and a general feeling of being run down.

Finally, some people avoid alcohol because it can affect health conditions like depression and cancer. If you want to learn more, go to Regina’s website at www.lifewell-lived.com where you’ll find articles and recipes for drinks with all the flavor, but none of the alcohol.

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