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Workout Wednesday: An at-home workout for even the tiniest apartment

A home workout can still be fun and challenging using only body weight or small bands and hand weights.

DENVER — Being stuck in your house does not mean you still can't complete a full-body workout.

As a certified personal trainer, I've redesigned all of my workouts for my clients and members to fit within a small room of their homes, using nearly 100% body weight, resistance bands and/or small hand weights.

Every day must start with a warm up. I always encourage dynamic stretching, which is moving while you stretch. 

Use a double-pull for each of your lower body parts. For example, pull your knee to your chest twice, your ankles back twice and your feet toward your chest in a pigeon twice. That allows your muscles to activate and then elongate. A short jog in place or mock jump-rope is also encouraged.

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Today's workout involves "body weight plus." That means using only body weight and utilizing a piece of furniture to push yourself past your typical limits.

Grab yourself a chair, bench or even your couch or bed! You just need a platform about knee to thigh height.

WEEKLY WORKOUT: (Repeat after lower body, upper body, core)

  • One leg squat to bench — 1 minute per leg
  • Bulgarian split squat — 1 minute per leg
  • One leg dead lift (touch toes or bench) — 1 minute per leg
  • Incline OR decline push-ups — 1 minute
  • Tricep dips on bench — 1 minute
  • Bicep curl with weights or bands — 30 seconds each arm
  • Plank reach — 1 minute
  • Push up, down dog, tap each foot — 1 minute

The most important part of every workout is the cooldown or stretch. Spend roughly 10 minutes on your stretch session, and no less than 15 seconds per stretch. 

Start from the bottom and work your way up, stretch your hamstrings, hip-flexors, glutes, hips, lower back and quads, before moving to your upper body. Then stretch your shoulders, triceps, back and finish with chest.

Drink plenty of water, especially after your stretch. Once your muscles have been stretched out, they need to be replenished with fluids.

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