It's summertime, and the outdoor adventures are underway.

With that, it's important the body is ready to move in these new patterns. It was a long winter, and because of that, the body could use some fine tuning.

Here's a workout that can deliver for not just the super athlete, but the day-to-day hustler who is looking to run their first 5K.


We must start with dynamic movements that allow the body to prepare for activity. The actual activity doesn't really matter. We chose to do the Bosu Buddha Squat. Add a rotation for more of a functional approach.


It's one thing to be able to run down the road, but what about on uneven surfaces. What prevents us from those early season slips, stumbles and other movement injuries? Bosu Squats and Lateral Bosu Squats are the answers.


Now that we're getting used to actually specific movements, our intensities must ramp up for progression and positive results. However, you see we didn't start here, we worked hard to get to this point. Suggestions are Wobble Down Pushups, Catch Squats and Hope Squats.

There's always a lot of excitement when spring and summer finally get here, and the No. 1 question is: What race or event should I do? But one exercise set can prepare you for any event: Sandbag work.

The rules are simple. Don't quit. The process is the following:

  1. Sandbag overhead carry for 30 seconds
  2. Sandbag lunge with rotation
  3. Sandbag boat pose with rotation
  4. Sandbag bent leg dead lifts
  5. Sandbag pushups
  6. Sandbag rows

When you get tired, you move into a prone plank on your forearms to mitigate the fatigue.