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Workout Wednesday: Keeping your golf swing strong with a gym workouts

It may not be warm enough to hit the golf course, but you can keep your swing strong indoors with these exercises.

DENVER — When weather forces the clubs into hibernation we should take the extra time to work the nuances of the golf swing.  If we prepare for Spring swings now we can start our season where we left off last year. 

The following gym routine addresses 3 key areas to a fluid, powerful swing: Activation, Stability, and Power. Working this progression will ensure that you're using your full body's potential in your golf swing.

  1. Tension Walkouts: Anchor a resistance band to a chest-high anchor.  Move away from the anchor, bringing the band under tension.  Assume a half squat position (think a 5-iron stance).  Pull the band to your mid-chest and hold.  Keeping you core, thighs, and butt tight, walk laterally, slowly away from the anchor for 5 steps.  Hold for 3 seconds and walk back, controlling your pace.  Repeat for 3-5 reps.
  2. 1-Leg Squat with Torso Rotation: Use a golf club, or any stick, for this exercise.  Stand on 1 leg and drop into a squat position.  Holding the single-leg squat rotate your golf club (held across your chest) as far as you can in one direction, hold for 1 second.  Then rotate the opposite direction and hold again.  Repeat for 5 reps on each leg.
  3. Lateral Hip Drive Ball Toss: Now that your active and stable, let's train the power in your swing.  Assume the 5-iron stance again a few feet away from a solid wall.  Using a medicine ball, rotate into your backswing until the ball is just past your hips.  Then, focusing on using just your hips and not your arms, powerfully rotate your hips towards the wall, releasing the ball, and catching the return bounce.  Repeat for 10 reps on each side.

Using this progression from activation to stability to power, you're simulating the key elements of your golf swing. Doing these focused segments of the swing will help pattern your body to work to its fullest potential that first round back on the course. 

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