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Workout Wednesday: Sculpting your arms

For this week's Workout Wednesday were focusing getting those arms in shape for the warmer months.

KUSA — I know so many clients who wish their arms were more sculpted once spring and summer comes around, but in order to see results, you have to start training now!

Muscle and definition, or what some may call toned, takes time and consistency, so we are making it easy for you.

Below is our arm circuit. You can add this in 2 times each week to start feeling confident and see results.

Just grab a bench and a pair of dumbbells and complete four rounds of the following:

  • 10 dumbbell bench press
  • 10 tricep skullcrushers
  • 10 dumbbell seated shoulder press
  • 10 shoulder side raises
  • Rest at the end of the full set and complete 2-3 times.

Start flexing and start getting confident.

Want to learn more with me on how to strength train? I am running a free online program over the holidays to teach people how to start. Learn more by clicking or tapping here.