On Workout Wednesday, we often highlight workouts you can do at home, but it's always fun to introduce new workout trends that are happening in our neighborhood as well.

On Wednesday, 9NEWS Fitness Expert Jamie Atlas introduced us to the Jungshin sword fitness workout. While having a wooden practice sword is ideal, you can improvise and do a lot of these drills using a PVC pipe or other broomstick (just be sure to look out for your headroom). If you can't find a class, here are some moves you can do to make your own sword fighting workout at home:

Overhead strike with forward step:
Standing tall, bring your sword above and behind the head, being sure to bring your elbows wide, bring the shoulders down and tilt the ribcage up. Step forward as you strike, bringing the sword down with power and control. Breathe out powerfully as you strike to activate deep core and posture muscles. This move works the whole body and helps sculpt the upper body.

Angle cut strike with horse stance:
Starting in a deep wide squat stance with toes pointed slightly outward, bring the sword above the head as you did in the overhead strike, but now cut down and across at an angle. As you cut across drop deeper into the squat so you are effectively moving from a medium squat to a deep squat then back to a medium squat with each angle cut strike. This sword fitness move is amazing for working the inner thighs and glutes as well as hard to get to core muscles

Step back with overhead block:
With the sword in the ready position, take a step back at a ninety degree angle and drop into a squat. As you drop into the squat, bring the sword up horizontally as if to block a sword coming at you from overhead. This move helps build posture strength as well as works the inner and outer thighs and helps mobilize the hip joint. Jamie Atlas recommends this move for any client regardless of their fitness goal.

Jamie Atlas is a master trainer for Jungshin fitness and was also voted 5280 Best Personal Trainer four years in a row. For information on personal training or on sword fitness email info@jamieatlas.com or call (720) 257-9328.