This weekend Hollywood will converge on Denver for the annual “Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show.”

Hilary Swank, Matt Dillon, Jamie Foxx, and Queen Latifah will join sports icons like Peyton Manning for the largest fundraiser for Down Syndrome in the nation.

They famous faces will escort beautiful models down the runway, models who happen to have Down Syndrome.

The fashion show is the largest fundraiser for Down Syndrome in the nation attracting over 1200 guests each year.

It has raised over $12,000,000 for Down Syndrome research, medical care, advocacy and education. Equally important, it has raised major awareness regarding the shocking disparity of funding for people with Down Syndrome, while successfully emphasizing their abilities.

This year, Frank Stephens will be awarded the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award. Frank is an active spokesman for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and a member of the Board of Directors of Special Olympics Virginia. President Obama described him as a man who “writes eloquently about the pain and exclusion when others don’t accept you or treat you with the respect every human being deserves.”

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